Neurofeedback and EMDR psychological clinic in Barcelona


Third generation therapies

The Neuroscenter is a clinical space combining neuroscience and modern clinical psychology. We specialise in Neurofeedback and EMDR, non-invasive, avant-garde therapies with recognised and accredited results.

A combination of Neurofeedback and EMDR treatment methods used in conjunction has shown excellent results with accelerating the recovery process and guaranteeing long-term results.

We offer alternative treatments for conditions such as addictions, depression, anxiety, anxiety deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They are also treatments created to help enable anyone who is seeking to improve their quality of life and/or enhance their abilities, as we believe that personal development is the key to a more balanced mind and a healthier life. We are the only center in Barcelona offering this variety of complementary therapies all under one roof, so that our clients can benefit the most without having to go to several different establishments.

 Custom diagnostics depending on the patient



At the Neuroscenter, we believe that each person is a unique individual, therefor we create custom treatments for each client.


Neurofeedback enables a renewal and improvement of neuro connections and helps prevent brain aging through the enhancement of the cognitive reserve.


EMDR is a psychotherapeutic treatment that uses bilateral stimulation by eye movements to activate one cerebral hemisphere at a time.


For anyone, without any contraindication, who wants to promote their skills or prevent cognitive aging.



 “They transmit trust and excellent treatment, Neurofeedback helped me a lot with my anxiety problem.”

“They are great professionals, they transmit warmth, they are helping me to improve my life, and the center is very beautiful and transmits peace.”

“They saved my marriage and helped me overcome many individual traumas with EMDR therapy.”

“They have helped me a lot to manage my emotions, my anger and my relationship with my family, which has improved a lot.”

“Professionalism and excellent therapies such as EMDR and Neurofeedback, very good team.”

Pioneers in the integration of Neurofeedback and EMDR in Catalonia


Our treatments for ADD and ADHS, such as neurofeedback, are natural and do not utilise medications but offer very effective results that children respond to positively and enthusiastically. The brain training treatments are non-invasive and fun and are proven to reduce hyperactivity. The treatment of childhood autism through neurofeedback can improve their functionality in daily life and greater confidence and autonomy. Brain training is also hugely beneficial for students of all ages, helping to enhance their performance and promote growth.


Our programs for brain empowerment are designed for anyone who desires to promote their skills or prevent cognitive aging without any contraindication. For example, Neurofeedback brain-training benefits students seeking to improve their scholastic abilities, successful entrepreneurs wishing to sharpen their leadership skills and even elite athletes wanting to heighten their performance and results.


We offer recognized and non-invasive therapies to treat psychological and neurocognitive disorders. Anxiety, addictions, depression, dementias, ADD and / or ADHD, insomnia and autism are some of the disorders that can be treated with Neurofeedback and EMDR therapies.


Specialized in new generation therapies, such as Neurofeedback and EMDR, we seek to offer non-invasive treatments, so that you can naturally achieve a better quality of life. To facilitate and allow us to implement your routine, we also have our online therapies available.


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