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Specialized center in cutting-edge non-invasive therapies.



At Neuroscenter we are aware that each patient is different, and for this reason we create personalized protocols for each person, and we study which is the best treatment.



Neurofeedback allows a renewal or improvement of the neuronal connection and the prevention of brain aging through the enhancement of the cognitive reserve



EMDR is a psychotherapeutic treatment that uses bilateral stimulation through eye movements to allow reprocessing and desensitization of traumatic memories.

Brain enhancement

Brain Enhancement

For anyone, who wants to enhance their abilities or prevent cognitive aging, without any contraindication.

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Neuroscenter is a clinical space that combines neuroscience and modern clinical psychology.

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We are specialized in Neurofeedbackand EMDR, cutting-edge, non-invasive therapies with proved results. We offer an alternative for the treatment of disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. We not only try, but we also offer brain training programs for elite athletes, entrepreneurs, students, etc.

We are the only center that offers complementary therapies in the same place so that our clients can reach the greatest benefit in the shortest possible time.

We use Neurofeedback and EMDR as joint treatments, accelerate the recovery processes and guarantee long-term results. This is a combination of innovative methods that has shown excellent results. Indicated to all those who seek to improve their quality of life and / or enhance their capabilities. Personal development is the key to a more balanced mind and a healthier life.

Do you want help?

Ask for information without any commitment

Do you want help?

Ask for information without any commitment

Patient opinions

Pioneers in the integration of Neurofeedback and EMDR in Spain

Children and teenagers

Natural treatments for ADHDwithout the use of medication such as neurofeedback (endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offer very good results. Children with ADHDand high capacities respond very satisfactorily to the our new treatments. Non-invasive and fun therapies through brain training are also effective for children and adolescents with hyperactivity.

Treatment of childhood autism with neurofeedback can improve daily life activities and provide greater autonomy.

One of the concerns of many parents and educators is usually how to improve the school performance of children, adolescents and even university students. Neurofeedback brain training provides enormous benefits.

We offer recognized and non-invasive therapies to treat psychological and neurocognitive disorders. Anxiety, depression, dementia, ADD and / or ADHD, insomniaand autismare some of the disorders that can be treated with Neurofeedback and EMDR therapies.
Our brain enhancement programs are appropriate for anyone who wants to enhance their abilities, or prevent cognitive aging, without any contraindication. Neurofeedback as brain training is used, for example, by studentslooking to improve their performance at school or university, successful entrepreneurswho want to enhance their leadership, and elite athleteswho want to improve their results.

Our center is specialized in new generation therapies, such as Neurofeedbackand EMDR, we offer non-invasive treatments, so that you can naturally achieve a better quality of life.To facilitate and allow you to implement us in your routine, we also have our therapies available on-line.


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