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Brain function evaluation method

The brain mapping procedure is non-invasive, and no electrical current is applied to the brain. It consists of placing a cap with 19 sensors fitted on the head that contains small electrodes to measure the electrical patterns coming from the brain. Information is collected on the efficiency of communication between different parts of the brain. This evaluation procedure then allows us to determine in a scientific and objective way the wave patterns of each patient and to carry out, therefore, a specific strategy for the improvement and balance of neuronal activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QEEG brain mapping?

Quantitative EEG (QEEG or Quantitative EEG), often referred to as QEEG brain mapping, is an evaluation tool used to measure the patient’s electrical activity (brain waves) in the cerebral cortex (brain). The brain waves are accessed through digital technology known as brain computer interface (BCI) and analyzed through a normative database. The QEEG brain map is then used to help diagnose mental health conditions by providing a means of statistical evaluation of electrical activity in the cortex.

How is QEEG brain mapping done?

A QEEG brain map is painless and non-invasive, we place a cap with 19 electrodes on the scalp. Electrodes on the cap collect electricity from the brain (EEG). The patient will be asked to remain still for a certain period of time, first with the eyes open, and then with the eyes closed, in order to record the EEG.

What are the different frequencies and bands of EEG brain waves?

Brain waves are produced at different frequencies, some fast and some slow. These different frequencies have traditionally been classified into 4 bands; delta, theta, alpha and beta.

What do we do with the QEEG brain topographic mapping?

After getting his Topographic Brain Mapping that is recorded on the computer, we have to eliminate muscle tension, eye movement, blinking, etc. This processing then produces a map of the brain. The statistical data produced by the databases will demonstrate what abnormalities are present and the degree of severity in the patient.

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