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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona

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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona

We want to improve the lives of people with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

What are neurodevelopmental disorders?

Neurodevelopmental disorders are those related to the nervous system at the stage of brain development. For this reason, they are problems that begin in childhood and are expressed differently in different stages of growth. They are not static problems, since they evolve according to maturation. They manifest early, often before the child begins primary school, and are characterized by a developmental deficit that produces deficits in personal, social, academic, or occupational functioning. The nervous system regulates motor, cognitive and emotional functions that allow it to adapt to the environment. In humans, language, learning abilities and social behaviour are the decisive aspects to interact with the environment and gradually acquire and perfect multiple adaptive skills.

What is autism spectrum disorder?

There are significant differences in brains and in brain wave patterns. One of the goals of Neurofeedback is to help people with Autism to regulate these brain waves and thus improve their quality of life. With these therapies, patients with autism can improve their activities in daily life and become more autonomous. Autismo

Benefits of Neurofeedback Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

We offer an individualized training system for the patient that provides:
  • Socialization and interaction;
  • Language and communication;
  • Stereotypical behaviors;
  • Cognitive flexibility;
  • Selective attention;
  • Reduction of impulsivity;
  • Improved planning.

Neurometabolic Study

Neurometabolic study where we assess intracellular thyroid function and study of metabolites of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Assessment of erythrocyte fatty acids to determine the EPA / DHA and AA ratio. Study of intestinal and nutritional permeability. Study of toxic metals and detoxification. You can request information or make an appointment at Neuroscenter if a family member or acquaintance suffers from this condition.

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