Learning disorders

Learning disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders that increasingly affect the school-age child population. It normally affects children with a normal level of intelligence and who have difficulties in school performance.

Learning disorders affect different cognitive areas, including attention, writing, reading and / or calculation. These difficulties are due to a slowdown in the neurodevelopment of the brain areas responsible for these cognitive abilities.

With early arrest and intervention, it is possible to revert this neurodevelopmental slowdown process and prevent future school failure and / or the appearance of emotional disorders due to the fact that the child does not feel capable of learning to the same extent as their peers.

Thanks to the development of neuroscientific techniques, it is possible to cognitively correct and stimulate the activity of the brain areas that are affected in these cases.

Dyscalculia, dyslexia, as well as visual-spatial, social and motor coordination disorders are some common learning disorders.

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