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One of the variants that Neuroscenter offers in its services is EMDR.

EMDR is a technique created almost 20 years ago by Dr. Francine Shapiro to desensitize and reprocess psychological trauma in a natural and effective way.

This method is one of the psychotherapeutic treatments that have the largest scientific studies confirming its results. It is a complex psychotherapy that uses bilateral stimulation through eye movements to stimulate one hemisphere of the brain at a time.

EMDR has to do with eye movements during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). In REM sleep stages we are processing the experiences of the day. The brain processes them and archives them in its huge brain data bank.


However, when we have a traumatic experience it seems that the brain fails to process the event, and the incident remains in our brain as a type of “neurological knot.” Some of the nightmares are thought to be unsuccessful attempts by the brain to try to process traumatic memories.

When we ask the patient to remember some event, situation, traumatic sensation, and then we help him to move his eyes in a certain way, this way it seems that the brain receives the help it needs to be able to process the event and archive it. The negative charge associated with the event is lost, and many times the positive memories associated with it that could not be perceived before are recovered.


EMDR is used to treat a wide variety of symptoms, even if the patient does not associate them with any traumatic event. It is suitable in cases of anxiety, depression, fears, difficulty sleeping, impulsivity, aggressiveness, inattention, among others.

In addition, it is used to enhance resources to improve cognitive and emotional potential, social skills, security, motivation, as well as for any resource that facilitates the proper development of the minor.

Yes, there is a protocol adapted to the child population that has shown great efficacy in the treatment of different psychological difficulties

La cantidad de sesiones dependerá de la particularidad de cada caso. No obstante, se ha observado que los procesos de recuperación aplicando este abordaje, son significativamente más rápidos que aplicando otro tipo de abordajes psicoterapéuticos.

No, the protocols for the child population specifically are adapted to them, and include other therapeutic dynamics such as drawing, narrative, the sandbox, among others.

No, EMDR does not have any adverse side effects, and it is a non invasive technique. It is also an approach supported by the World Health Organization as a scientific method in cases of post-traumatic stress.

No, the experience that may have affected the child or adolescent receiving treatment will not be forgotten. What will change is what this experience represents for the child or adolescent, assimilating it like any other experience, so it will stop affecting the way he relates to himself and his environment.

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