Stroke Treatment

At Neuroscenter we advise and take care of you after suffering a stroke

What is and what causes a stroke?

The most frequent cause of stroke is the obstruction of one of the main cerebral arteries, middle, posterior, or anterior, causing neuronal damage.

It is characterized by the presence of motor and sensory disorders, vegetative disorders, cognitive and perceptual deficits, and emotional disorders.

Wave brain stimulation therapies are non-invasive techniques that improve cognitive, motor, functional, behavioral and emotional impairment.

Neurological rehabilitation must begin from the moment the person is discharged from the ICUs or Stroke Units. Rehabilitation is one of the most important parts of treatment, and Neurofeedback is a complementary therapy that can provide improvement and benefits in the activity of the damaged areas.

Neurofeedback allows training of the brain area affected by stroke, acting as a complementary therapy, promoting cognitive rehabilitation and improving neuroplasticity, that is, the reconstruction of the connections between neurons.

Neuromodulation, under conditioned training, gives the patient the ability to normalize the brain’s electrical activity. Before carrying out any training, the wave patterns are located and identified. This allows us to compare whether the applied therapy has been satisfactory, and the real changes that occur after the treatment.

Neurofeedback treatment greatly benefits for people who have suffered a brain accident.

When doing brain training we take care and improve on:

  • Increases brain plasticity capacity;
  • Complementary therapy in cognitive rehabilitation;
  • Improves concentration and short-term memory;
  • Faster physical rehabilitation.

Neurometabolic Study

Evaluation of chronic inflammation markers, and aminoacidogram. Intracellular metabolism of Group B vitamins, with assessment of intracellular functionality. Study of erythrocyte fatty acids to determine the EPA / DHA and AA ratio.

We invite you to watch the following video of one of our patients, who suffered a stroke and wanted to give his testimony regarding the results of our treatments.

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