Neuropriming (Magnetic Electrostimulation)

The science of HALO SPORT

In order to improve the performance of athletes, Neuropriming uses energy pulses to increase the excitability of motor neurons, and it does so in two ways: firstly, strength is accelerated and, secondly, the acquisition of skills is improved. This way, it offers a solution to the problem of the signals sent from the brain to the muscles, since they are often transmitted with submaximal force, especially when an athlete becomes fatigued. As we have mentioned, the solution is: HALO SPORT + NEUROPRIMING. The energy pulses enhance the brain’s response, allowing the motor cortex to send stronger synchronous signals to the muscles. The improved neuromuscular signaling means getting more performance out of each repetition for athletes. This increases the recruitment of motor units, and generates more muscle fibers that are activated during training. With this increase, strength is gained and this has an effect on increasing speed. Halo Sport is designed to make you feel good, as its primers feature soft foam tips that fit comfortably on the head, and the Neuropriming goes unnoticed. Its benefits are appreciable in professional athletes, since they have unlocked improvements in their performance. In conclusion, athletes get advantages such as:
  • Development of explosive strength – Lower body strength
  • Maximum voluntary contraction – Propulsion Force
  • Skill acquisition – Entropy Leap
  • Rate of force development – Explosiveness
  • Good acquisition of motor skills – Dexterity

Medical applications

Some of the best hospitals are already working with Halo Sport and the potential of our technology to accelerate the rate of recovery for stroke patients is being investigated.

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