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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is also applicable children and teenagers of different ages, and it has shown great efficacy in their psychotherapeutic treatment. The work protocol is adapted according to the age of each child, taking into account their maturation and evolutionary development; including other therapeutic techniques such as the use of drawings, sandboxes, narratives, etc.

Why treat a child with EMDR?

Children are more vulnerable to trauma than adults. The intense experiences that an adult goes through, alter the organization of the brain, but in a child they affect its development. Therefore, it is very important to act immediately when we observe symptoms in a minor or if we have knowledge of a traumatic situation that they may have experienced.

By trauma we mean any experience that leaves a mark because of the way in which the person gives it meaning, affecting the perception of oneself or the world and interfering with an adequate adaptation.

Often as parents we do not know what exactly may have affected the child, since a traumatic situation is not necessarily associated with major catastrophes. The child or teenager may have experienced some rejection, humiliation, accusation or situation that has had a significant impact on him without being noticeable to those around him, and that has left a mark that affects the development of his personality.

EMDR seeks the processing and assimilation of these experiences so that the child regains his basic security, can adapt properly, and so that his development is not affected by experiences that he has not been able to assimilate properly.


In our experience with patients who have been treated with our comprehensive treatment for ADHD, we have observed that this type of therapeutic approach favors the attention, concentration and impulse control of patients with this diagnosis.

Why treat a teenager with EMDR?

Teenagers are going through a difficult period of change. Their transition from childhood to adulthood is rootless, it is not part of the world of children or of adults. It needs to belong to a world of its own in order to be.

This is a painful process where you go through multiple duels while searching for an identity.

In many cases, for various reasons, this period can lead the teenager to have difficulties managing the emotions that these changes generate, and the consequent increase in anxiety, impulsivity, sadness or aggressiveness.

EMDR is an extremely appropriate approach to learn to properly manage these changes and thus regain the well-being and balance of both the minor and his family environment.

Here you can consult the official institutions that scientifically endorse the effectiveness of EMDR in each country.

Here you will find a pdf from the Spanish EMDR Association that explains how this technique works.

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