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Our specialists use innovative and effective treatments to achieve long-lasting results.

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We adapt our therapies to your schedules and needs, so you can access our services from the comfort of your home.

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Our team of therapists is composed of experts who are passionate and committed to your emotional well-being.

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Why choose Online Neurotherapies over Traditional Therapies?


  • State-of-the-art therapy with faster results
  • Deeper and longer lasting effects
  • Sessions from the comfort of your home
  • Integration of various specialists for the best result
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Improvement of depressive symptoms
  • Improvement of emotional management
  • Reduction of obsessive symptoms

Neurotherapies Online


Traditional Therapies


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Our main objective is to create an environment of full trust between specialists and our clients with the aim of becoming their best version.

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"I went to the center recommended by a friend.
I had problems with anxiety and insomnia, the therapy along with EMDR has improved my quality of life. I'm me again."


"Very professional, totally recommended for those who do not advance with conventional therapy."

Marta R.

"The team is very humane and the center is very beautiful. They have helped me control and heal my stress. I recommend it!!"

Juan C.

"The treatment of the impeccable, sensitive and careful staff. The therapy was liberating, expansive and very new for me."

Monica A.

Online Therapies at Neuroscenter:

Transform your life with our innovative online therapies.

Find relief and emotional well-being with Neuroscenter, the number one psychology and neurotherapy clinic in Catalonia.

Online sessions of:

Make mental wellbeing a priority

Find a specialized and personalized experience wherever you are.

Couples therapy sessions

Work on the relationship with your partner by scheduling an online couple session with one of our remote psychologists.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Online therapies at Neuroscenter are conducted through videoconferencing platforms or secure and confidential calls. Patients can access their therapy sessions from the comfort of their home or anywhere they feel comfortable.

Yes, several studies have shown that online therapies can be just as effective as face-to-face therapies in treating a wide variety of disorders. At Neuroscenter, our professional therapists make sure to provide the same quality of care and support in online sessions as in face-to-face sessions.

To schedule an online therapy session, you can contact us through our website, email or by phone. Our team will guide you through the registration process and help you choose the therapist that best suits your needs.

If you experience technical problems during your online therapy session, please inform your therapist as soon as possible. They will be able to offer you assistance and, if necessary, reschedule the session. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and have tested the videoconferencing platform or contact device before your appointment to minimize possible inconveniences.

Yes, at Neuroscenter we take the confidentiality and privacy of our patients very seriously. We use secure and encrypted videoconferencing platforms to ensure that online therapy sessions are confidential. In addition, all of our therapists are committed to protecting the privacy of their patients and complying with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of this type of therapy, Neurofeedback sessions are currently only available for face-to-face meetings. It is not possible to book virtual appointments for Neurofeedback.

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