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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona


Below we detail the operation of the PNI sessions:


The main objective of the first session is to make contact, know your particular case, and request the necessary tests and analytics. The most relevant information is collected for each specific case, addressing the problem that has led the patient to go to therapy, as well as the symptoms, life and social habits, and the history and basic data of the subject.

Analytics results

The results of the tests ordered in the first session are analyzed.
Once the situation has been assessed and the patient’s expectations and objectives outlined, a personalized supplementation action plan and diet are designed and presented.


For us, patient monitoring is essential. The patient and the therapist are in constant contact to resolve questions and concerns about diet, food, supplementation, etc. This allows us to carry out a much more effective treatment.

Supplementary tests

After a few months of treatment, we will carry out tests again in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. These tests will allow us to make a reevaluation to adapt the treatment according to the changes that have occurred in the body.

Benefits of PNI

If you suffer from complicated digestions, hormonal alterations, fatigue, skin problems, migraines etc. PNI can help you.

It takes only a few months of treatment to be able to notice significant changes in the body and in mind, in order to find a healthy balance between both.

At Neuroscenter we aim at achieving and maintaining health and balance between body and mind. We seek synergies between complementary therapies, taking into account the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and integrative medicine.

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