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How do brain training sessions with neurofeedback work?

For a better understanding of how brain training sessions with Neurofeedback work, we organize the process in 5 steps:


In the first session, a psychological analysis of the patient is carried out. Here, all aspects to be improved are evaluated, an interview is carried out, and we present all the services that we offer at Neuroscenter, such as Neurofeedback and EMDR.

Mapping the brain

The first step to carry out our brain training is to carry out a topographic mapping. The brain mapping procedure is non-invasive, and no electrical current is passed on to the brain. It consists of placing a cap with 19 sensors fitted on the head that contain small electrodes to measure the electrical patterns coming from the brain. Information on the efficiency of communication between different parts of the brain is then collected. This evaluation procedure allows us to determine in a scientific and objective way the brain wave patterns of each patient, and therefore allows to plan and carry out a specific strategy for the improvement and balance of neuronal activity.

Design of the training plan

Through brain mapping, we can identify which areas need to improve, and we can see how the brain reacts to certain visual and auditory stimuli, showing the weak points and the neural structure. The blockages that the person may have are identified, then the action plan is designed, in order to achieve all of the objectives previously set in the initial briefing. Once the factors to be improved have been detected, we enter fully into the patient’s training sessions.

Training the brain

The patient relaxes seeking the greatest comfort in an environment of peace and tranquility. At this time the sensors are applied to the head. We want to remind you that this is a non-invasive method, the sensors only use is the reproduction of our brain reactions. Once it begins, the patient receives visual and auditory stimuli focused on regularizing their brain activity to enhance the affected areas, focusing on the root of the problem. The sessions have an average duration of 30 minutes, where we perform in depth work over the areas that require so. As the sessions go by, we will see how the mapping varies, as we find harmony in the patient’s mind.

Benefits of brain training

At Neuroscenter we have a portfolio of services designed to meet all the needs of people in different age ranges, seeking a combination of therapies that not only treat, but that also enhance brain functioning and mental abilities. The cognitive improvement and the increase in emotional intelligence, resulting from training with Neurofeedback, are responsible for an improvement in the quality of life of our clients.

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