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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona


Neurofeedback for children and teenagers

Anxiety is very present in any school environment. Students feel pressure to achieve the academic results that are required of them. These levels of anxiety can harm them at the time of study and exams, also affecting their self-esteem. Furthermore, attention declines after long periods of information input without being able to move and without the possibility of combining it with more active learning programs.

With Neurofeedback we work to reduce brain waves related to anxiety and thus favor attention. We complement the treatment with EMDR where problems, situations or emotions that are also interfering with school and with personal level are treated.

Later, in adolescence, a whole series of hormonal and personal changes will appear. These destabilize the adolescent, who is in the process of building a new identity different from that of the parents, and needs trust and support to find his way. With EMDR and professional and personal guidance we will help facilitate this process.

Neurofeedback for college students

Neurofeedback is a very effective brain training for students.

For college-bound high school students or those already in attendance who want to improve in a competitive educational environment, having powerful cognitive skills is something invaluable.

Better mental performance not only helps us to have access to better academic opportunities but also to maximize them when they have been achieved.

What are the benefits of brain training?

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhancement of attention
  • Intervention of possible blockages
  • Orientation in study and profession

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