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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona

Non-invasive and effective treatments to treat anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Fear is a basic emotion, and it is necessary for our survival, but when it is extreme it can become a limit that generates a lot of blockage, disability, and suffering. Do you suffer from anxiety?, If you are feeling anxious in general, living with the fear of being in places or situations from which it is difficult to escape, etc, we can help you.

What are your symptoms?

Anxiety involves symptoms such as excessive worry, fear, excessive stress and tension, panic attacks and / or anxiety, social withdrawal and avoidance of people, places, or activities (eg, flying, public speaking). Anxiety can interfere with memory and concentration. Insomnia or other sleep disturbances may be present, as well as other physiological symptoms such as muscle aches and pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, etc.

How to treat it at Neuroscenter?

At Neuroscenter we offer you an alternative, non-invasive and highly effective treatment for Anxiety Disorders, consisting of Neurofeedback and EMDR. We perform a Topographic Brain Mapping (EEG) to diagnose these disorders in our patients. This brain mapping procedure is non-invasive, and no electrical current is applied to the brain. It consists of a cap with 19 sensors placed on the head which contain small electrodes to measure the electrical patterns coming from the brain. Through this procedure, we collect information on the efficiency of communication between different parts of the brain. This evaluation procedure allows us to determine the wave patterns of each patient in a scientific and objective way, and therefore allows us to carry out, a specific strategy for the improvement and balance of neuronal activity.

Benefits of Neurofeedback and EMDR Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

At Neuroscenter we use techniques that positively affect the hyperactive anxiety system, managing to break the circuit and create more functional and alternative neural networks, with this mental training therapy the person is able to detect and separate threatening negative thoughts, thereby weakening the system. EMDR works to deprogram the beginning of the formation of the disorder, and all the associated situations during the person’s life. Neurofeedback is applied to decrease the excessive brain waves involved in anxiety. It is an individualized training system that provides:
  • Greater tolerance for frustration
  • Increased emotional stabilityIncreased decision-making capacity
  • Increased motivation and self-esteem
  • Reduction of the feeling of stress
  • Greater brain plasticity
  • Complementary therapies in disorders that require medication
  • Notable decrease in anxiety attacks or their suppression

Neurometabolic Study

Intracellular thyroid function and study of neurotransmitter metabolites such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. States of latent chronic inflammation may also be affecting, and it’s treatment can contribute to the improvement of anxiety symptoms. Erythrocyte fatty acid study to determine the EPA / DHA AND AA ratio can also help us in treatment.

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