Brain evaluations

At Neuroscenter we prioritize a good evaluation to achieve a quick and effective treatment. We offer our clients two types of diagnosis, the Brain Topographic Mapping service and the Neuropsychological Reports. That is why the first session in our clinic is intended for an optimal psychological evaluation to guide our patients towards the appropriate techniques for them. We study each case individually to be able to offer a solution adapted to the needs of each patient, ensuring that the time in treatment is as short as possible and that the results are fast and satisfactory.

The procedure for a brain map is non-invasive, and no electrical current is applied to the brain. For this procedure we place a cap with 19 sensors fitted on the head which contain small electrodes that measure the electrical patterns coming from the brain. This way information on the efficiency of communication between different parts of the brain is collected. This evaluation procedure then allows us to determine the wave patterns of each patient in a scientific and objective way, and therefore to carry out a specific strategy for the improvement and balance of neuronal activity.

Regarding our mapping service, we work with the Brain Topographic Mapping Service of the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute (SNI) and the Gaitán Clinic. Both of them are specialists in quantitative EEG analysis (QEEG) and work with expert clinicians and behavioral physicians for an excellent selection of EEG-Biofeedback protocols.

In addition, our SNI Cartography Service is directed by Robert L. Gurnee, who is the Director of the ADD Clinic and the Scottsdale Neurofeedback Institute, and Adrián Gaitán Fariñas, who is the Director of the Gaitán Clinic.

Robert is a Board Certified Diplomate of the QEEG Board and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Alliance for Biofeedback Certification. Robert has extensive experience in QEEG analysis and neurofeedback. He is a specialist in QEEG and neurofeedback at the ADD Clinic since 1995. The SNI Mapping Service was launched in 2000 as a way to help other specialists improve their patients’ outcomes.

Adrián Gaitán has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Seville, is an Instructor at the EEG Neurofeedback Training Institute (IFEN) and a member of the BCIA.

Evaluación cerebral

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