What are psychological expert reports?

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The psychological expert report is a written document in which, as experts, we present our considerations and conclusions about the facts that have been the subject of the expertise. It is a procedure in which we carry out the psychological evaluation of the parties in conflict so that judicial decisions can be made. In most cases, we will have to ratify it verbally in court and submit to the clarifications of the parties. The opinion issued in relation to the matter on which it has been questioned is a means of proof within a judicial process that will be weighed and evaluated by the judge in his own decision-making to pass sentence. The purpose of the psychological expert report is to facilitate the judge’s understanding of complex situations related to psychology.

We develop psychological evaluations in the following areas:

In the field of Civil Law:
  • Family Law: suitability to hold guardianship and custody of underage children, adequate visitation regime and assessment of modification of measures;
  • Determination of suitability on guardianship;
  • Incapacitation and internally;
  • Minors: Credibility of testimony, psychological state, evaluation of parental alienation syndrome and evaluation of abuse.
In the field of Criminal Law:
  • Witness guilt in child sexual abuse cases;
  • Imputability of mental disorders: exempt and mitigation. Criminal liability;
  • Victimology: evaluation of moral damage and psychological consequences in victims;
  • Domestic violence
In the field of Labor Law:
  • Determination of psychic sequelae in work accidents
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability
  • Professional illness
  • Evaluation of work stress and psychological harassment (mobbing)

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