LORETA: el Neurofeedback 2.0

Neurofeedback is a recent field of research and it is in continuous development, therefore, there are always improvements in brain training tools and techniques that can be applied. At Neuroscenter we like to offer our patients the best way to solve their problems in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
LoRETA z-score is a variant of Neurofeedback approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and is validated by scientific studies with PET and MRI.
LoRETA (in English: Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) allows us to obtain a 3D image of the activity of our brain in real time, and also to train those areas that are not accessible from a normal electroencephalogram or a Neurofeedback protocol of the brain surface.
This means that thanks to LoRETA it will also be possible to train those areas of the limbic lobe, also called “emotional brain”, which turn out to have altered functioning in most cases due to emotional disorders and especially when there is discomfort related to an excessive stress response. Having information on all areas of the brain will allow us to work and re-regularize those neural networks that, being altered, generate specific symptoms in each patient. In addition to this, the advantage of being able to have a global image of the entire brain and being able to work directly on the neural networks involved in emotions, will favor the treatment, reducing its duration, since the improvements will be noticeable in fewer sessions.


Loreta neurofeedback

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