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Neuroscenter Clinic

Located in Barcelona and Girona

When we face a challenge, in this case, a sports competition, we distinguish two types of variables; those related to the elements that we believe to control (since for this there has been a previous training in technique, skills, etc …), providing a sense of security, and those that are not controllable, such as external circumstances (situations that may occur during the competition, personal distractions, etc …). This causes a feeling of stress and nervousness that affects the level of control and it is here where the mental strength of an athlete takes its importance. neurofeedback para deportistas The objective pursued in preparing for competition is the ideal psychological state to perform at the best, this state is known as “flow” and it is the sensation in which athletes and athletes manage to completely abstract themselves from the execution of their own action, to the point of apparently doing it automatically. That is, body and mind in perfect union.

Why does neurofeedback help athletes?

Neurofeedback helps athletes to obtain this maximum performance that allows them to successfully face any competition. In a physical training the muscles respond and gain strength. With mental training the brain also learns to self-regulate in a more optimal way, providing a feeling of control in the execution of the activity and loss of consciousness, leaving behind the worries and staying totally focused on the task.

What benefits does neurofeedback offer to athletes?

This training brings:
  • Positive mental attitude, confidence and high motivation, reinforcing the feeling and mindset that nothing will prevent you from achieving your goal.
  • Positive pre-competitive and competitive feeling, controlling anxiety and relaxation and seeking enjoyment in the performance, rather than in the anxiety of achieving the goal.
  • Having a suitable center of attention, which facilitates concentration; a focus on the present, on the determining aspects of the execution, narrow without losing adjacent information.
  • Adequate physical preparation, which provides a sense of security in resistance and power.
  • Improved stress management.
  • Improved coordination.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Increased security and self-esteem

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