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Treatments to overcome Insomnia with no need for medication

What is insomnia and what are its symptoms?

Nowadays more and more people are suffering from insomnia. These difficulties may consist of problems when initiating or falling asleep (conciliation insomnia) or of early awakening with an inability to return to sleep (maintenance insomnia).

Either of the two presentation formats produce wear and tear in the patient’s life in the medium term, with symptoms of fatigue, irritability, stress and anticipation anxiety being common, thinking that we will not be able to sleep well the next night.

The impact of Neurofeedback on sleep disorders is evident because it targets basic regulatory functions in the brain; one of them is the management of physiological arousal.

Neurofeedback is applicable to any aspect of brain function that we can measure. Sleep disorders fall into this category, and the self-regulation training that Neurofeedback gives to your brain, allows your central nervous system to function better.

Emotions (anxiety, sadness, fear, anguish, etc …) are one of the most influential factors in rest, and affect sleep. They can cause an excess in the level of physiological activation, which will prevent a state of tranquility to fall asleep. The best treatment to complement Neurofeedback for the regulation of emotions that we carry out at Neuroscenter is EMDR. Chronic insomnia does not develop overnight. It is practically always preceded by situational insomnia as a result of stressful life events, but it does not get better or when the stressors have been removed. It can evolve gradually, so that we are increasingly concerned about the sleep problem and its supposed impact on daily functioning.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapeutic psychological technique used to desensitize and reprocess psychological trauma in a natural and rapid way.

How to treat it at Neuroscenter?

In our center we offer alternative, non-invasive and highly effective treatments to combat your insomnia and improve your life without medication through Neurofeedback and EMDR.

Benefits of Neurofeedback and EMDR Treatments for Sleep Disorders

  • Stabilization of sleep cycles.
  • Restful sleep.
  • Decrease or disappearance of restless legs syndrome.
  • Decrease in anxiety levels.
  • Self-regulation of cortical excitability.

Neurometabolic Study

Aminoacidogram and organic acids study. Determination of GABA metabolites, amino acid decreases cortical activation, glutamate and taurine. Study of erythrocyte fatty acids to determine EPA / DHA and AA ratio. Evaluation of cortisol and DHEA curve. Study of thyroid metabolism with rT3. Melatonin curve in saliva Serotonin metabolism study.

If you suffer from this condition feel free to request information or make an appointment at Neuroscenter. Also remember that “Insomnia is not the biggest problem in life, although it can cause many problems in life”.

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