Benefits of Somatic Experiencing

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Cases in which Somatic Experiencing can be implemented

The benefits of Somatic Experience are varied, but this treatment has been shown to be especially effective in the following situations:

  • Treatment of post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Aggression (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, psychological or witnessing it)
  • Prenatal and perinatal traumas (occurring before, during, or just after
  • Losses.
  • Accidents (car, injuries, falls)
  • School harassment (Bulling)
  • Surgeries (especially early ones)
  • Drowning, suffocation, or choking
  • Abandonment or negligence in childhood (in general everything that is
    related to the bond and attachment)
  • -Separations, phobias, and various fears
  • Victims of terrorism
  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods…)
  • -Serious illnesses in oneself, in a family member or
    significant person
  • Migraines, dizziness, insomnia, irritable colon…

heal problems of the past to deal with the problems of the future

How the situations we live in affect us

Many of the situations that affect us consciously or unconsciously do so because they were high-intensity impacts, they happened very quickly, because when they happened we were very young and could barely process the events, or because the people who had to take care of us were the ones who hurt us due to lack of attachment, abandonment or negligence.

Somatic Experincing favors a greater connection with one’s own body, in order to be able to act with greater coherence, resulting in greater respect for oneself in various aspects such as “what are my needs, how do I set healthy limits, how do I take care of myself or how do I develop a greater containment capacity”.

Unlock patterns of behavior and thoughts

This approach helps to discover the functioning of the nervous system and teaches selfregulation,for example, how to calm down if you are nervous, how to understand body language and pay attention to it, or how to discover patterns of behavior and thought that have been blocked to get out of them in a conscious way.

Somatic Experiencing helps people prepare for future stressful events. By healing the traumas of the past, people are better able to move forward, recharge, and handle the problems of the future. By regulating the nervous system, daily stress and problems that arise in everyday life can be better coped with.

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