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Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Somatic Experiencing is a psychobiological approach, it is the product of more than 45 years of observation, research, and successful clinical practice developed by Dr. Peter Levine, Ph.D. in biophysics and psychology.

It is an effective method of dealing with physical and emotional trauma, el trastorno de estrés postraumático, las condiciones relacionadas con el estrés, así como la desregulación del sistema nervioso; En el proceso se busca the recovery of physical and emotional balance from our body memories and improving the ability to contain and regulate emotions.

The main tool of the Somatic Experience is sensoperception, which allows us to track bodily responses to facilitate the self-regulatory process of the autonomic nervous system. It acts restoring the communication between body and mind, increasing vitality, improving resilience and the ability of people to actively participate in life.

El Somatic Experience como tratamiento para el trauma

Cómo tratan los animales las situaciones traumáticas

Trauma appears when the person’s ability to cope with an event in a given time and space is exceeded Trauma is like an internal vest that is created in a devastating moment, staying frozen in time It interferes in the development of the person and inhibits the attempts to advance in life, disconnecting us from ourselves, from others, from nature and from our own spirit.

Trauma, as Levine brilliantly recognized decades ago, doesn’t lie in the external event that induces physical or emotional pain (or even in the pain itself), but in getting stuck in our primitive responsesto painful events

Animals are rarely traumatized by threats, some freeze, others run away and others fight, what usually happens after the threat ceases is that the animal discharges (in the form of shaking or trembling) that survival energy, returning to a state of calm and normal functioning.

Unlock Trauma with Somatic Experiencing

On many occasions, people do not release what we have accumulated in situations that we have experienced as threatening. We immobilize the energies that should be discharged by being focused on mind control, causing long-term problems in our nervous system and causing symptoms that include pain, patterns of rigidity and collapse, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety and a feeling of intrusion, and relational problems among others.

With Somatic Experiencing, the aim is to naturally recover the functions of the instinctive system in our body and unload from our body what was immobilized in a moment of danger. It is a therapeutic approach that helps us balance our system and thus recover our homeostasis, completing fight, flight and freeze responses that were trapped.

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