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What is a panic attack?

Anxiety attacks or what is the same, panic attacks, are high intensity episodes of anxiety and psychological discomfort.

These episodes usually occur abruptly and do not have to be associated with any specific stimulus. During these attacks, excess activation usually manifests as tremors, sweating, dizziness, a feeling of suffocation, or loss of control, among many others.

It is a very intense sensation both physiologically and cognitively that causes great discomfort to the people who suffer it. Due to this, concern about future crises usually arises, so at a cognitive level there is also a lot of discomfort in trying to anticipate and avoid this type of situation. Some of the most frequent and representative symptoms of this type of problem are:

  • Acceleration of the heart rate;
  • Sweating, chills;
  • Shaking or tingling sensation;
  • Feeling of choking or breathing difficulties;
  • Discomfort such as tightness or even chest pain;
  • Dizziness, nausea;
  • Feeling of being dull or mentally dazed;
  • Thoughts of losing control or “going crazy.”
  • It is very common for anxiety attacks to appear together with some other type of psychological problem. This is technically known as comorbidity and often occurs together with agoraphobia disorder, although it does not always happen.

Neurometabolic Study

Intracellular thyroid function and study of metabolites of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. States of latent chronic inflammation may also have an influence, so their treatment contributes to the improvement of anxiety symptoms.

How to treat it at Neuroscenter?

Neuroscenter’s team of professionals have extensive experience in treating this type of pathology.

Benefits of Neurofeedback and EMDR treatments

  • Elimination of symptomatology (suppression of panic attacks);
  • Activation level improvement;
  • Improvement of coping strategies;
  • Greater self-knowledge and greater self-regulation.

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