Addiction Treatment

What to do to overcome an addiction?

Non-invasive and effective therapies for all types of Addictions. Our goal is your recovery.

With a long history and therapeutic experience in the field of addictions, we have perfected our working methods and focused on Neurofeedback and EMDR to combat the abuse of substances and addictive behaviours. Our aim is to offer the best results, offering a personalized treatment to the patient. We approach addiction in a comprehensively and multidisciplinaryly, guiding the patient to total abstinence, based on a drug and medication free program.

Addiction is a disease, which consists of a syndrome made up of a set of characteristic signs and symptoms. Its origin is multifactorial, among which we should mention biological, genetic, psychological and social factors. Drug addiction or drug dependence is a disease with serious physical, psychological and social consequences. It is characterized by a maladaptive behavior pattern, in which the person prioritizes drug use: alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, psychotropic drugs, etc. and puts it before more important values, causing significant deterioration or discomfort. There can also be addiction to some behaviours such as gambling, internet, sex or shopping, in these cases we are talking about behavioural addictions or addictions without a substance. We must know that any addiction is a serious, chronic and fatal disease, in which the patient can do nothing on his own, and needs adequate therapeutic help.

At Neuroscenter we have specific protocols to help you with addiction through Neurofeedback and EMDR therapies.

We treat addictions such as:

  • To new technologies
  • To cannabis
  • To shopping
  • To sex
  • To work
  • To the games of chance
  • To interpersonal relationships
  • To cocaine
  • To benzodiazepines
  • To ketamine
  • To tobacco

Benefits of Neurofeedback and EMDR treatment for addictions

For people who are addicted to substances, quitting is just the first step toward recovery. The vast majority of addictive substances cause imbalances in brain activity and brain wave patterns.

The use of Neurofeedback in the treatment of addictions has been progressively investigated in the last 15 years, accumulating plenty of clinical evidence to be considered an effective treatment. It is a treatment that helps to find the necessary balance and to improve behaviour and attention, especially in adolescents who have taken stimulants. People with addiction problems show specific brain wave patterns, which EMDR and Neurofeedback tend to change, thus providing effective treatment.

Some of the benefits of these treatments are:

  • Increase in decision-making capacity
  • Enhances and promotes the ability to change
  • Positive changes regarding personality and mood
  • Greater emotional stability
  • Physical and mental calm
  • Improvement in general brain functions
  • Reduction of discomfort state and compulsive desire
  • Improvement in cognitive functions

Tratamietos contra adicciones

The treatment we offer at Neuroscenter aims to lead the patient and his environment to to a full recovery, being able to regain control of his life through Neurofeedback and EMDR, our new generation and non-invasive therapies.

Neurometabolic Study

We provide a neurometabolic study where we assess intracellular thyroid function and study of metabolites of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. Study of erythrocyte fatty acids to determine EPA / DHA and AA ratio. Study of intestinal and nutritional permeability to assess alterations in endogenous opioid metabolism by feeding.

Make an appointment at Neuroscenter if you, or someone close to you, suffer from this condition, and also remember that “The only addiction that is worth it is love” (José Mujica).

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