Sydney Pinoy Peyronnet

Sydney Pinoy Peyronnet

Founder of Neuroscenter and Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center, Neurofeedback Specialist and Counselor.

I was born in France in a family environment surrounded by art and psychology. I grew up in Barcelona and graduated in Business Administration.

After spending some years living and working abroad, specifically in Africa and Paraguay, in the hospitality industry, I returned to Spain where I suffered a head injury in a horse accident. That head injury prevented me from sleeping and working, causing me depression and anxiety.

I was introduced to EMDR and Neurofeedback therapies, with the help of which I reversed the effects of my depression and anxiety, improving my sleep pattern from 2 hours to 10 hours a night.

Through my improvement process I was inspired and started studying neuroscience and training as a Neurofeedback practitioner in Arizona.

I am the founder of Neuroscenter and the Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center so that neuroscience and psychology can be complemented with art and creativity as well as helping to enrich people’s lives. I also do a job of accompanying and counselling, and coaching, to reconnect people with their internal power. I work in Spanish, English and French.

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