Dr. Juan Antonio Cruz Velarde

Dr. Juan Antonio Cruz Velarde

Neurologist and Director at Neuronae.

I take a holistic approach to medical care, trying to treat the underlying causes of illnesses rather than treating the symptoms themselves. I integrate the most advanced therapies in current medicine together with non-aggressive, non-pharmacological, more physiological and respectful interventions with the body’s natural capacity to regain balance, homeostasis and health.Graduated in medicine and surgery. Neurologist at Hospital Gregorio Marañon Madrid 1996-2000.

  • Specialized Training Neuropediatric Unit Hospital Gregorio Marañón.
  • Medical Direction Sanitas Madrid. Experience in healthcare networks, healthcare quality, medical accreditation and healthcare management. Development of the first Stroke Code in private health insurance. Child Care Assistance Program, Vascular Prevention Program and Care for the Elderly.
  • Master’s Degree in Management and Administration of Sanitary Companies MADS Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona.
  • Master’s Degree in Care Quality and Postgraduate UOC. Barcelona.
    Quality Auditor. UOC Barcelona.
  • Neurologist at Sanitas Hospitals (Hospital La Zarzuela, Millenium Sanitas Alcorcón, Millenium Sanitas Rozas).
  • Neurologist Coordinator of the ADHD and Learning Unit, Neurological Sciences Unit, Madrid.
  • Over 100 update courses in the specialty. Clinical research projects in Neurology.
    He has worked as Senior Manager and Clinic practitioner in the Adult and Child Brain Damage Unit at Beata Hospital in Madrid.
  • Training in Neuropsychology and Infant Neurodevelopment.
  • Specialization in Neurophysiology of Cognitive Processes, Quantitative Electroencephalograms and Brain Mapping
  • Specialized training in Orthomolecular Nutrition and Neurometabolism.
  • Collaboration in healthcare projects and publications in different Medical Societies (Spanish Society of Neurology, Spanish Society of Internal Medicine).
    Academic Tutor Practicum Degree in Psychology Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI_ICADE.
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Neurology.

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