Ariadna Vilaplana

Ariadna Villaplana

General Health Psychologist specialized in EMDR, Gender Violence, Emotional intelligence, and Coaching Collegiate number 24101

My therapeutic approach is integrative, offering me the possibility to expand the resources to adapt to the specific needs of each person at any time. I believe that a global perspective and a flexible attitude offer us a greater ability to understand, comprehend, and broaden the scope of the therapy.

Regarding my training I am specialized in gender violence and emotional intelligence, which allows me to complement the work with trauma, and the integration of life events. I am also trained in Coaching Psychology, being able to work focusing on the future and personal well-being.

I work with adults, children, teenagers, and couples. For me it is essential to work in an environment of respect and trust, in which you can feel free. My values ​​are acceptance and compassion, helping to integrate the different life experiences from another prism, reducing discomfort, and attending to the deepest parts of the self.

I believe that the bond that occurs in therapy generates a very powerful energy, and my intention is to accompany you in this new process of discovery and change, embracing and recognizing the vulnerability that resides in each one of us, and seeing it as a gate towards personal growth. I invite you to embark on this journey together. The key to achieve serenity is looking within.

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