Marta Gené

General Health Psychologist. Coach and Sports Psychologist. EMDR therapist for teenagers and adults.

I am a General Health Psychologist, my approach and training are integrative, which allows me to have a broad view of the different needs of each person.

In addition to this, I am a trained Coach and Sports Psychologist. The difference between reaching a goal or falling by the wayside often lies in working with a specialised and experienced psychologist. My job is to help athletes to manage and control the psychological variables that intervene in the practice of any discipline, and which affect their performance and results.

I am specialized in EMDR, and have worked in emergency and catastrophe situations. Being able to help affected people at the very moment of a potentially highly traumatic event, in order to reduce psychological impact, has provided me with extensive experience, confidence, and great professional growth.

I am also specialized in gender violence and sexual abuse. I have experience working with people at risk of social exclusion, and accompanying difficult cases, which has allowed me to incorporate an approach at bodily and emotional levels, which has allowed me to observe great significant changes.

I work with adolescents, adults and couples.

My goal is to accompany you in the process of making positive changes in your thoughts, feelings and behavior. I design every intervention with the aim of relieving suffering and favoring congruent changes.

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