What Trauma/PTSD Therapy entails

What you can expect in therapy

Trauma/PTSD therapy is a highly effective transformational face-to-face therapy for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Complex PTSD. It is a treatment designed to be completed in as little as 15-20 sessions. And the results are thorough and lasting in the lives of every client who engages fully in the process.
It is an evidence-based, structured treatment programme employing a specialised selection of dynamic exposure therapies, with the sole purpose of helping clients recover from the symptoms of PTSD and enable them to live a healthier more balanced life both within themselves, psychologically and emotionally, and in their ability to function and feel more confident and comfortable in their everyday social environments.
Exposure therapies – interventions where the individual is “exposed” to their trauma continually over a series of sessions – have been found to be some the most effective evidence-based treatments available. When a client is fully engaged and committed to the whole process, success rates of those recovering fully from symptoms are extremely high – over 90%.

The exposure therapies employed at the Neuroscenter are:

  • IRRT (Imagery Re-scripting and Re-processing Therapy)… is an imagery-based cognitive behavioural therapy designed to alleviate PTSD symptoms and modify unhealthy trauma-related images, beliefs and schemas.
  • PET (Prolonged Exposure Therapy)… is another evidence-based treatment which teaches the individual how to confront damaging memories, feelings and situations that have been avoided since the trauma in order to no longer be triggered by the fears and anxiety they have produced.
  • NET (Narrative Exposure Therapy)… is a successful and culturally universal intervention for the treatment of survivors of multiple and severe traumatic events. This treatment helps individuals establish a coherent life narrative in which to contextualize traumatic experiences.

Through the use of exposure therapies, the client revisits and recounts their traumas during 10-12 sessions for three main purposes:
By recounting the traumatic event aloud, it helps the individual to face the event and provide them with new and different perspectives
As the client addresses area of fear and discomfort, is helps to build strength and resilience
And, by habitually recounting the event, boredom is achieved resulting in the ability recall the memories without suffering from any negative feelings and symptoms

The Trauma/PTSD Therapy process here at the Neuroscenter entails:

  • A full assessment of the individual’s trauma experiences and symptoms, including anxiety and depression levels
  • Psycho education – materials and full explanation on PTSD / Complex PTSD
  • Safety work – helping the individual to regain internal and external control
  • Use of the Lucia No3 Meditative Lamp to relax and help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Containment and stabilisation work – to develop skills / strategies to reduce anxiety
  • Learning grounding techniques – to help the mind and body to be present , rather than feeling like they’re stuck in the past
  • Process the traumatic experiences – through the evidence-based highly effective exposure therapies, enabling the symptoms of PTSD to subside and recovery to take place

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