Neuroscenter is a distinctive clinical space in the city of Barcelona. It is undoubtedly the meeting point of all people seeking to have harmony in both body and mind.

Our services are focused on any person who needs or seeks to improve both their psychological and physical appearance. At the brain level, changing is not about breaking or removing brain maps. Instead, it involves replacing maps that lead you to behave in one way or another that no longer benefit you, with maps that are better, healthier, or more convenient for the improvement of yourself and your long-term life.

Who is it for?

Ages between 3 to 12 years with problems derived from lack of attention such as ADHD.

Elderly patients with ailments such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s that seek to improve their quality of life, with physical problems derived from age.

Any person who suffers a psychological disorder that seeks to find answers to their problems.

Professional athetles who through our methods seek to be even more complete in their discipline.

Anyone who wants to improve aspects of their psychological condition or who simply wants to put aside problems arising from their day to day.

Students of primary, secondary and university who need to improve or enhance their attention, concentration and memory capacities.