Neurofeedback in Barcelona. Brain activity monitoritzation

Neurofeedback is a new method to measure our brain activity. Communication among groups of cells generates thoughts, actions, and feelings that are detectable thanks to the brain waves emitted by our brain.

During the neurofeedback session sensors placed on the patient’s head show how it reacts. The results are compared with what the expert says optimal brain conditions of any normal person have to be.

Once the diagnosis is done it is time to start working with the areas that should be reinforced.

Our brain manages everything, from our mental health, our psychology, as well as all parts of our body.

In the United States, Neurofeedback is used to treat all kinds of disorders, often in children’s cases where disorders and attention deficits are increasing.

Likewise, elite corps of the US army and athletes often use it with the aim of being more complete and to improve their concentration range in stressful situations.

Learn how to meditate daily with Neurofeedback.


The new home Neurofeedback treatment, developed with the Interaxon technology, is now available. Thanks to this service, the Neuros Center’s patients now benefit from an effective complement.

Coming soon: the virtual reality


We will incorporate the virtual reality in our training thanks to the Oculus Rift’s technology. Improving the Neurofeedback experience.