Dolors A.

Dolors Avila Tàpies

Psychologist ,EMDR and Sensorimotor specialist. EMDR Therapist for children and adults. EMD Therapist for Group Intervention in Recent Trauma. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SPI) Therapist. Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT) Training. Ontological Coach. Generative Coach.Master Trainer’s Training in NLP. Collegiate no. 26270.

I am a General Health Psychologist (Universitat Ramón Llull), my career aims at the intervention of adolescents and adults, individually or in groups. I am specialized in the treatment of emotional instability, anxiety states, depression, experiences that can lead to trauma, internal conflicts of values, beliefs and identity, and relational conflicts in the familiar, professional and social spheres. Special mention for the therapeutic approach in Borderline Personality Disorder.

The intervention that I offer is mainly configured by the integration of cognitive behavioral approaches, EMDR Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Mentalization Based Therapy. At the same time, I use Neurolinguistic Programming techniques (PNL) and Ontological and Generative Coaching in order to facilitate a new perspective of Existence and Being with oneself, with others, and with society.

I am dedicated to helping people who suffer psychological discomfort and difficulties in social adaptation, with the aim of relieving their suffering and collaborating to obtain a greater degree of well-being in life, to develop new ways of approaching life, and to learn new ways to maintain this well-being over time, in order to prevent future problems.

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