Armand Llauradó Ros

Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery 1999 (UAB – Vall d’Hebron)

Master in Clinical Psychopathology 2006-2008 (FVB) Master in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 2008-2010 (FVB) Master in Group Analytical Psychotherapy 2009-2012 (OMIE)

Clinical physician expert in psychiatry and specialized in individual and group psychotherapy.

My fascination with the human being led me to become a doctor and my passion for the unconscious to the worlds of clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy, which I currently practice.

I accompany people with different mental pathologies, in form and severity, in their respective recovery processes towards well-being, reducing suffering with psychotherapeutic treatment and pharmacological support, only when the natural capacity of the organism is insufficient.

I offer a space where you can express yourself so that you can be heard and understood so that you can change. Together we form a team with the common goal of resolving the conflict of thinking, feeling or acting.

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