Anna Fuste

General Health Psychologist.
Health and community psychology. Collegiate number: 25168

I am a general health psychologist with an integrative orientation applied to work within the framework of EMDR therapy. I have specific training in anxiety, attachment, trauma, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, functional diversity, giftedness, acp, gerontology, and caregivers.

I have years of experience working as a psychologist in the clinical setting with adults, adolescents and children. Also in the field of psycho-oncology and grief, dependence on substances, activities and relationships, community psychology related to cognitive deterioration and the field of functional diversity.

I will accompany you in psychological work in situations that may be related to anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, sexuality, eating disorders, PTSD, conduct disorders, OCD, BPD, grief, dependency of substances, activities or relationships or other situations with the aim of improving your health in a holistic way, enhancing your well-being and your quality of life

“Tot està per fer i tot és possible” M. Martí i Pol

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