Alexandra Niñerola

Alexandra Niñerola

Psychoneuroimmunology Specialist Physiotherapist (PNI)
Collegiate no. 2082

I graduated in physiotherapy (Escoles Universitàries Gimbernat, UAB) in 1996, just after that I began to work as a physiotherapist in a hospital with patients that had just undergone surgery.

In the following years, I continued working in healthcare medicine, developing extensive experience in the hospital, in primary care, and in geriatrics.

I have studied several postgraduate degrees specialising in urogynecological physiotherapy and osteopathy, with the desire to find a medicine that could be more human, less rigid and protocolized. This happened in 2016, when I studied Xevi Verdaguer’s psychoneuroimmunology master program. Since then I have continuously studied integrative medicine extensively.

During my career I have worked with people with very varied pathologies in their manifestation and severity, and I myself have suffered from a severe Hashimoto’s disease, as well as dermatological and menstrual problems, etc., so I am perfectly aware of the frustration, misunderstanding and suffering that one can feel as a patient. In every case of disease, I have always seen a common factor: the approach of the medical treatment. It is always aimed at alleviating symptoms, protocolized, and without taking into account the cause of the imbalance / disease, or the patient’s personal factors, and therefore generally achieving modest results and improvement in most cases.

My approach is global and based on integrative medicine. I understand the body as a whole, which allows for an analysis of imbalances and diseases, based on the different systems of the body: visceral, hormonal, nervous, immune, digestive, and cerebral. I speak Spanish, Catalan, German, and English.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) approaches pathologies from an integrative and scientific perspective, and works together with other medical disciplines such as psychology, neurology, etc. so the patient is able to continue with other treatments. Its focus is on finding the cause of dysfunctions, changing harmful habits, and reviewing the patient’s diet and lifestyle, while making him a participant in his own recovery.

After 25 years of experience, I can say that there can be no solution for the disease if it is not treated in a comprehensive way, from the origin of the pathology, and in a personalized way, while also empowering the person in the healing process.

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