Adrián Gaitán Fariñas

Adrián Gaitán Fariñas

Psicólogo Clínico Collegiate nº. AN07178. Instructor at EEG Neurofeedback Training Institute (IFEN) and member of the BCIA

I am a Clinical Psychologist specialized in the treatment of psychological problems in adults and children. I love and enjoy my job, I think it is very satisfying to be able to help others overcome their problems. As a therapist my principles are integrity, competence in work and service to others. I was always fascinated and intrigued by the functioning of the mind and brain, and I wanted to be able to apply this knowledge to improve the lives of others, and it is for all of this that I chose to study Clinical Psychology.

I graduated as a Psychologist at the University of Seville, and later I specialized in Clinical Psychology working as a Resident Intern Psychologist for three years at the Hospital de Terrassa (Barcelona). In Spain the residency system is the only recognized way to specialize in Clinical Psychology. During this hard but exciting period of work and training, I was able to gain experience with a wide variety of problems, and to learn how therapies work.

Later I started a Master in Health Psychology, during which I discovered Neurofeedback therapy, which caught my attention since it offered a unique possibility of working on the same brain bases that cause psychological and neurological problems; and started to study it. I find that Neurofeedback is an extremely powerful and effective therapy, with amazing potential and that may reshape the treatment of emotional and neurological problems in the coming years.

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