Brain Training for students

Brain Training FOR STUDENTS

Neurofeedback is the best cerebral training for students, as it improves students’ skills and abilities.

Anxiety is present in a learning environment as lots of students feel the pressure to reach academic results that everyone is expecting from them. These levels of anxiety can be harmful when studying or doing an exam by affecting self-esteem. Moreover, when students are under pressure their attention ability drops after a while due to sitting and being quiet.

With neurofeedback we work on reducing the cerebral waves associated with anxiety, thus leading to an increment of attention. This treatment can be combined with EMDR where the student can treat problems, situations and emotions which are interfering with his/her personal life and academic achievements.

During adolescence a combination of hormonal and personal changes will pop up and will probably destabilize the teenager who is creating his/her own identity different from the parents’ ones, so he/she will need self-esteem and support in order to find his/her path. With EMDR and the professional and personal orientation we will help the teenager in carrying out this process.


For students at their last year of high-school and who are going to start university or for those who have already started university and are wanting to improve their cognitive abilities, Neurofeedback is an optimal way to do it.

Better cognitive abilities will not only help to get better academic opportunities, but also to maximize them once obtained.


  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Empowerment of attention skills
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Orientation for profession and studies

Neurofeedback estudiantes


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