Non-invasive, effective and alternative treatments

What is anxiety?

Fear is a basic and necessary emotion needed for our survival, but when it is extreme it can easily become a limit for us, generating blocks and emotional pain. Do you suffer from anxiety or are you usually anxious, living with the fear of being in places or situations that are difficult to escape from.

What are your symptoms?

Anxiety implies symptoms such as excessive worry, dread, stress and excessive tension, panic attacks, social retirement or avoidance of people, places or activities (for example flying, speaking in public ).

This can interfere with memory processes and concentration. Insomnia and other sleep alterations can be a symptom and physiological symptoms such as muscular pain, gastrointestinal problems, headaches can be present as well.

How do we treat it in our center?

In Neuroscenter we offer alternative treatments, non invasive and very effective for anxiety disorders, such as Neurofeedback and EMDR. Moreover, in order to diagnose these disorders we make a topographical cerebral map (EEG), which is non invasive and which consists of wearing a cap with 19 electrodes that measure electrical connectivity in the brain. With this technique we get information about the efficacy of brain networks in different parts of the brain. In this way we can scientifically and objectively assess and find out which are the electrical patterns of each patient and find the best strategy for improving and adjusting neuronal activity.


In this center we use techniques which have an impact on an overactive system, as in the case of anxiety, by breaking up this maladaptive circuit and creating new and more functional connections in the brain. Neurofeedback can be seen as a therapy of mental training in which the individual is capable of detecting and isolating the threatening negative thinking, achieving in this way a weakening of the system.  Neurofeedback is used to diminish the excessive brain waves created by anxiety.

It is a system of individualized training which provides:

  • Better tolerance to frustrations
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Increased skills in decision-making
  • Increased motivation and self-esteem
  • Reduction in stress
  • Better brain plasticity

Ask for a consultation or for an appointment if you suffer from this condition and remember that “when you face the fear this will convert into courage, when you deny the fear this will convert into panic” (Giorgio Nardone).

The EMDR technique is useful to deprogram at the beginning of the onset of the disorder and all the situations which have been associated with it.

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